What's new in version 2.1?


A few significant improvements in 2.1:

SnapSockets are now arranged in a child of your SnapPiece


  • With many child items in one Unity GameObject, things get confusing; this helps tidy it up
  • You can now safely parent SnapPieces to other SnapPieces (previously, SnP would treat that as one mega-piece)

BUGFIX: The handle in SceneView no longer conflicts with Unity’s rotation handle


  • Sometimes you could see the Unity rotation handle, but when you clicked on it, you would grab the SnapSocket instead

You can set scene-wide default scales for your SnapSocket handles


  • If you have many small objects, the default 3D handle size (1 metre) is too large and has to be manually resized on every object; now you can set a default
  • You can still override this on a piece-by-piece basis

API call allowing you to “preview” a snap without snapping


  • In-game snapping often you want to preview the snap without actually performing it; now you can do this
  • e.g. I’ve used this in a new game to give a 3D preview of each snap while moving the mouse in-game: https://www.youtube.com/BRv9_iabMHA
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